Amy D.
The Melora Medical Weight loss program REALLY works. It’s like a miracle program with medication. I am able to eat the things I like – no restrictions. I just keep it within so many calories a day. On the medication it helps me from binge eating. It controls my hunger. Even though I am eating the things I like I am still losing weight. It is seriously a miracle. Victoria is the one who runs the program and is super sweet, yet keeps you on track at the same time. She’s very encouraging. This program was just what I needed to get the 22lbs off quickly. And I did it over the holiday season!! Thank you for changing my life! I’m so happy with my body now.

Michael M.
Dr. Goldfarb is one of the best Doctors I know. I am 38 years old, & I have a full, thick, highly dense scalp of hair because of his PRP Injections I have been receiving since 2014. I HIGHLY recommend him to anyone, who wants to have amazing hair without having to have surgery or to anyone, who does not wish to take wasteful/expensive pills, which may not work or which may have other side effects. He knows what he is doing. I get more compliments on my hair than on anything else I have ever had done in my life (plastic surgery). People think I am 15 years younger than I truly am because of my hair, which is due to Dr. Goldfarb’s HAIR PRP (with special growth factor in it). It is totally worth the annual visits. I see him 3 times per year, but you really only need to see him 1 time per year AFTER the first initial visit where you do need 3 PRP Injections roughly 6 weeks apart (or depending on his advice as a Doctor based on your particular case & your particular outcome you wish to achieve). I overdo things, but it is because I want my hair to be complimented constantly. It pays off because my hair, being as it is today, is 100% due to his craft. I am not one to write reviews. I only do so when warranted. Dr. Goldfarb is one of those Doctors I will definitely write a blatantly honest review about. He also truly cares about the outcome of his patients. He works with the patient to ensure he or she is happy. I have never been unhappy one time since I met him back in 2014. If you have hair thinning, hair loss, or you are like me (& you just wish to be pro-active to avoid the aforementioned 2 hair issues mainly due to aging), then I STRONGLY recommend setting up an appointment with Dr. Goldfarb immediately. Last, I would ignore that one bad review with no detail in it saying “not worth the time or money.” If there is a complaint, then leave details, or then it is not believable, as I have never left Dr. Goldfarb’s office unhappy EVER!!!

Yelena Z.
“Dr. Goldfarb really professional, he knows exactly what he is doing and I’m totally amazed s his job!”

John B.
“Dr. Goldfarb is great. He is professional, caring, and doesn’t make you feel uncomfortable. His staff is very friendly and attentive. I’d highly recommend him…”

Catie C.
“I feel better everyday and I am so excited about my new look. Thank you so much Dr. Goldfarb your practice is in a league of its own.”

Laura K.
“Dr. G’s so so excellent, and I definitely recommend him to anyone looking for cosmetic treatments!”

Judy L.
“Best experience from consult to post op. Dr. Goldfarb is down to earth and just really cool. His staff is caring and responsive. Couldn’t asked for better results!”

Carter B.